What is IT Martini?

IT Martini was originally conceived as an event back in 2008. Its founders wanted to throw an amazing party that would encourage dialogue among IT professionals across roles, functions and industries. The model for these events events began in Columbus, with follow-on events that reached Cincinnati, Cleveland and Indianapolis.

Since then, IT Martini’s online platform has matured but the mission remains the same: bringing social, interactive career development opportunities to IT professionals in local communities.


Why IT professionals?

The short answer is that both founders are engineering & computer science geeks who enjoy seeing their colleagues thrive.

The long answer has to do with the dramatic rate of technology changes and the short evolutionary lifespan of the computer science¬†discipline. Given both of these factors, it’s very important for IT professionals to grow their networks and skills beyond what many other professional disciplines require.


Why subscribe to IT Martini?

It comes down to four simple things:

  • Receiving exclusive content featuring some of the brightest minds within the industry
  • Staying aware of upcoming training, conference and meetup events
  • Getting special conference discounts
  • Being a part of exclusive, invitation only events


When is the next IT Martini event?

That’s easy…subscribe to find out!


How do I post an event to IT Martini?

Complete a few short informational questions here. Your event should be available online after an editorial review within a matter of days.


What are the editorial guidelines for posting events?

Acceptable events (not webinars) typically fall into the category of meetups, training seminars or conferences.  They should have intrinsic value to IT professional career development with opportunities for skill development and/or social networking.


How do I participate as a sponsor?

IT Martini has partnerships with some amazing event organizers. Please contact cofounders@itmartini.com for more information about sponsorship.